Goodbye Dolly, We Hardly Knew You; Who’s Coming Next?

July 24, 2008

I’ve heard from a few friends and family asking about the Hurricane.  Nothing much happened here.  Dolly made landfall yesterday near Port Mansfield after crossing over South Padre Island.  That’s several hundred miles away from us up here just off Houston’s Beltway.

Although the rains and flooding in the Rio Grande area have been bad, we had only about 3/4″ of rain yesterday here in western Pearland, and maybe just over an inch today.  For the Houston area, that’s not even enough to tie up traffic, or at least not any more than usual.  By contrast, several times last spring heavy Spring rains flooded freeways and surface streets.  This year we’re in a drought, and the little bit of rain we’ve had is welcome.

We’re actually hoping for a couple more tropical storms in our neck of the woods this summer.  I can deal with a small hurricane, though no one wants anything big.  After the Rita evacuation mess in 2005, there is a sense that most folks in Houston will stay home if a hurricane comes, sensibly allowing a more orderly evacuation for people who live in coastal storm surge zones.

The one thing that most concerns me, when and if a hurricane comes, is what we’ll do if or when the power goes out.  Assuming we’re here at home, it will be deathly hot and humid.  With Freddie’s health and the menagerie, I’m not sure if we could hold out for a couple of days of that without air conditioning.  We have batteries for the flashlights and radio, we have oil lamps, we have a propane grill to cook our food, and we can store water.   But the heat…?  Without even a fan…?

Hmmm.  It should be manageable.  We sold our generator before we left Galveston, but maybe there’s some sort of solar panel or battery unit for running small appliance.  It’s got to better than sitting in a stalled-out car halfway in a traffic jam halfway between here and Waco.


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