Greedy Gustav

August 29, 2008

So this once-and-future Hurricane Gustav has just swept over Jamaica and now is menacing Cuba and the Caymans.  They say it’ll head on into the Gulf and may reach Lousiana or Texas next week as a Category 2 or 3 storm.

Duly noted, at the gas station.

I was driving by just now on my way home from the Post Office, and I saw that Buc-ee’s price had risen thirteen cents from yesterday to today.  Buc-ee’s is known for their beaver mascot, naturally leading to the billboards that say, “You’ve seen a beaver before, haven’t you?”  It’s an ideal marketing campaign for those who, shall we say, like (or are the target of) Jeff Foxworthy jokes.  I prefer to just look at Jeff Foxworthy, but that’s another story.

I get the fact that the oil platforms in the Gulf are shutting down and evacuating now.  I get the fact that these facilities and others onshore may be damaged if the storm strikes the wrong locations.  What I don’t get is this…

The gasoline in Buc-ee’s underground tanks, and in the tanks of their distributor, and coming on down the pipeline from wherever, etc, is the same gas that was there yesterday.  It doesn’t come directly from the wellhead to the gas pump.  The four percent overnight price hike seems, well, let’s just say wierd.

I don’t know who to “blame” for this, not even that I’m looking for someone to blame.  Too many people spend their energy looking for scapegoats instead of looking for solutions.  The price comes from “market forces,” just like everything else in our economy.  Sellers raise prices because they can and reduce prices because they must.  This particular market, though, seems a little out of whack, and the old rules of supply and demand seem to require some perplexing corollaries.

Anyhow, I’m glad I don’t have to drive very much anymore.

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  1. […] the effects.  Gas was up twelve cents a gallon yesterday from the day before.  I’ve already complained about how gas prices go up so sharply before a hurricane, so doing that again would be whining.  […]

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