Brazoria County Evacuates For Ike

September 10, 2008

As of 10pm tonight, we now have a mandatory evacuation for all of Brazoria County effective at 8am Thursday.  The storm track has shifted to around the border of Brazoria and Matagorda Counties.  We are still planning to stay here, since we are in the furthest northwest corner of the county, almost in Houston.

The “mandatory” thing is new for Texas.  It was only after Rita that local authorities were given the power to call their evacuations “mandatory.>  A Brazoria County official was just on TV explaining that they wouldn’t force anyone out of their homes if they wanted to stay, so it’s not like the evacuation will be enforced.  It seems to be more meant to emphasize that people need to take this seriously.  Strangely, they are not employing the strategy of evacuating by the storm-surge zones “A,” “B,” and “C” that are published as part of the emergency plan.

Frank Billingsley made the point just now that the projected storm track at this point almost exactly matches Rita’s at the same point.  That doesn’t mean that Ike, like Rita, will shift off toward Louisiana.  It mainly means that we’re all in the Cone of Uncertainty.

Corpus Christi is getting less stress, although they may still get some storm effects.  Earlier the state had scheduled contraflow on I-37 for Thursday to facilitate the evacuation of Corpus residents to San Antonio.  That has now been canceled.


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