Harris County Calls Partial Evacuation

September 11, 2008

The morning news is on with Houston Mayor Bill White and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.  They’ve called a mandatory evacuation for zones “A” and “B.”  These are zip-code-based zones which would be subject to a storm surge in the event of a Cat 1, 2, or 3 storm.  They strongly urge residents who are not in zones “A” and “B” to stay home and shelter in place, leaving the evacuation routes open for those who need to leave.

This is what I was getting at last night when I mentioned the evacuation zones and wondered why Brazoria County was calling on the entire county to evacuate, rather than particular zones.  We here at the very edge of the county are technically in zone “C”.  However, if we were a half-mile west, we’d be in Fort Bend County and would not be in an evacuation zone at all.  If we were less than a mile north, we’d be in Harris County and Houston, and likewise outside any zone.  I expect that someday, with the rapid growth here in Pearland, the Post Office will split our zip code.  When that happens, our western areas probably would not be in the evacuation zone any longer.

As for Ike’s storm track, he remains pretty much on the same route as last night.  The center of the “Cone” is close to the Brazoria/Matagorda county line.  We’ll be making preparations, crossing our fingers, and holding our breaths.

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