Scare Scenario

September 11, 2008

An official from CenterPoint Energy was just on Channel 11 talking about what happens when the power goes out.  He said that people should prepare to be without power for as long as eighteen days.  That seems to be the worst-case scenario, based on Entergy’s experience trying to bring power back to backwoods East Texas after Rita.  Even so…

I think we have enough food here to go a week if we had to.  That would involve emptying the fridge and freezer first, then starting on the canned goods, the dry goods, and all the other hurricane provisions in the back of the pantry.  CenterPoint says the gas range and oven will still work, but we’ll have to light it manually.  And of course, there would be no air conditioning.

Earlier, someone emailed the station and asked whether their double-paned windows would withstand the wind.  Answer: Yes, up to 70 mph.  However, projectiles might slam into them faster and cause them to break and crack.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position right now to board up.  So it goes.


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