Shifting Track

September 11, 2008

The latest update shows Ike’s projected path shifting slightly east, very similar to Rita.  Frank is on Channel 2 saying that Ike is now pointed toward San Luis Pass, which is the channel between the West End of Galveston Island and Surfside Beach in Brazoria County.  Of course, the infamous “cone” contains hundreds of miles of coastline, and Ike could make landfall somewhere else entirely.

The good thing about the possible San Luis Pass track is that it makes the storm surge into the Bay slightly less, and also avoids the eye passing over the Freeport petrochemical complex.   The bad thing is that the eye would come a little bit closer to us.

Pearland has now called a voluntary evacuation.  Apparently the mandatory evacuation called by the county is separate from what happens within city limits — very confusing.  The old town area of Pearland at the eastern edge of town tends to flood from Clear Crrek and Mary’s Creek, so it’s not surprising that they would recommend/suggest/whatever that people evacuate.

That doesn’t really affect us way over at the northwest edge of town.  Except, I keep wondering about Mary, whoever she was.  “Mary” is also a camp-gay archetype and form of address: “So, Mary!  You’re simply flooding!”  Be that as it may.


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