We Are Tired

September 11, 2008

After a day or preparations, we are quite exhausted.  The patio plants are all inside, even the majesty palms in those heavy ceramic pots.  The furniture is inside, too, as is the gas grill.  Freddie and I took up two rows of the faux-brick pavers from the patio to help it drain easier, hoping not to have water come in under the back door.

We had to take a break from Ike, so after we stopped work we browsed around cable TV and settled on the Discovery Health Channel for awhile.  Nice stories, happy endings: Gastric bypass patients getting their post-weight-loss skin folds removed and becoming beautiful.

Terry called us from Dallas to ask if we were leaving yet.  Apparently Governor Goodhair had been on TV warning about the storm surge and the number of possible deaths if people did not evacuate.  The Chronicle says he talked about a surge of 14 feet or more on the Island.  If that happens, the water coming back from the Bay into the East End would cover the first floor of our old house.

We’re back watching Channel 2.  They just interviewed a waiter at Landry’s on the Seawall who says his house survived Carla and Alicia and other storms, and he isn’t going to leave.  He didn’t say if the people inside the house survived.  Anyhow…

Tomorrow our task is to clear enough room in the garage so that we can bring the car and truck inside.  Funny: A year ago the garage was clear.  When we brought some of Mom’s furniture back from San Antonio after she died, we’d hoped to get it refinished, and we decided to store it in the garage.  The refinishing never happened — too many other expenses — and Freddie was sick, off and on, and weeks turned to months and the garage stayed full.  Now it’s time to deal with it.

For our family and friends who want to keep track of what’s happening here, your best bet is to watch our local TV on the Internet.  We like KPRC and KHOU, and KTRK is also good.  I’m done posting for tonight.


2 Responses to “We Are Tired”

  1. Liz Says:

    Someone on another board that I read had posted an except from the hurricane local statement that mentioned ‘LIFE THREATENING INUNDATION LIKELY!’. That reminded me of the description of the Galveston hurricane that I had read in “Isaac’s Storm”. Quite a sobering thought.

  2. robertangelo Says:

    Yes, that’s what would happen if a big storm surge washes back from the Bay onto the Island. There’s a lot of one-story houses in Galveston, and if people are taking refuge in those they would have no place to go.

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