September 12, 2008

Taking a break from clearing the garage so that we can put the vehicles inside…  Freddie talked to the lesbian couple next door.  They put their little SUV inside but are keeping the big Dodge RAM outside.  “I’m takin’ pictures and if it gets hurt, I’ll get the insurance to pay for it!”  She’s a good ole Texas gal, no-nonsense and very assertive.

We’re also doing laundry, and we were startled to find ants in the laundry room.  This comes after an small plague of spiders over the last few weeks and the occasional cameo appearance by roaches.  I think this all started when I brought in the plants for Edouard a few weeks back.  I had most of them arrayed on the dining room table, with a mattress pad protecting the surface, or else on the dining room floor.  Not long after, even after the plants went back outside, the creepy-crawlies started to appear.

Just when we were getting ready to do a deep cleaning and then call the exterminator, along comes Ike.  Well, better the bugs than the floodwaters.

The TV is showing Surfside Beach almost totally flooded.  This area in Brazoria County has been severely eroded by successive storms, and the beach had already been disappearning.  A couple years back the State of Texas sued to have some of the homes removed, since the beach line had moved back behind the houses, leaving those structures on what we consider public land.  Some of those particular houses on stilts were actually standing in the water, but the owners refused to sell out.  With Ike, perhaps that controversy will be rendered moot.

The shame is that some people in Surfside Beach did not evacuate when first asked to do so on Wednesday, and now they have to be rescued.  Others in Bolivar, likewise cut off, are being rescued by helicopter.

Anyhow, we’re cooling off and rehydryating.  Will be back out at the garage soon.

3 Responses to “Bugs”

  1. Zorya Says:

    This site

    says that Pearland is looking at Tropical Storm level winds around noon today. Stay safe!

  2. Keith Says:

    Good having an assertive Texas lesbo next door! As long as Tina Turner isn’t your neighbor, Pearland should be OK.

  3. Liz Says:

    Maybe the hurricane will drown out some of those crazy rasberry ants. But here’s hoping that the various insects don’t decide to move into your house where it’s dry.

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