Galveston Again

September 12, 2008

Channel 2 just cut over to a reporter on the Seawall near the San Luis.  The street behind him had a lot of debris, although the city had dump trucks passing along to clear the worst of it.  There was a fire at a house on the West End: a total loss.  City services will continue until 9 p.m., and then be “buttoned down” as he said.  There is also a curfew kicking in by that time.  Anybody who is out on the streets then would probably welcome being arrested: “Please, officer, take me to the County Jail and put me on the top floor!”

Seriously — all too seriously — the reporter had a point that I’d missed when Lyda and Steve were on a little while ago.  He said that according to city authorities, as many as 20,000 people chose not to evacuate.  This is very scary.

3 Responses to “Galveston Again”

  1. Zorya Says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s crazy. I hope there isn’t a high mortality rate.

  2. Keith Says:

    I saw this story today about a Galveston resident who had decided to ride this storm out because he had access to a 6 story building. OK, so I think he may be making a mistake, but who is to second guess him? Well, I will. You see this guy had his family with him including 3 kids. I hope somebody noted his name and after this is over and assuming they survive, he should be arrested for child endangerment.

  3. Robert Angelo Says:

    They’ve asked people who stay to write their names and Social Security Numbers on their arms. Presumably that would be in indelible ink.

    We’re still six hours from official landfall, but roofs are blowing off. Most areas north of Broadway are flooded, though the TV doesn’t say how deep.

    The only way I could imagine someone staying would be maybe in an inside hallway of an upper floor of one of the UTMB hospitals, or something like that. Didn’t work out that well at Charity Hospital, though.

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