Galveston Flooding

September 12, 2008

We’re watching a news conference live with Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas and City Manager Steve LeBlanc.  We’ve always made made fun of Lyda, in a light-hearted way, because she has such as raspy voice.  She’s a straight-talking lady from one of the old leading families of the Island, and she does a good job.  Steve is a real cutie.

He just said that there is massive flooding downtown and in the historic areas, and they are expecting a nineteen to twenty-two foot storm surge.  This would clearly go well into the second story of our old house, if not inundate it entirely.  We saw some aerial shots showing streets and yards full of water on the East End.  I visualize the garage we built there now full of water, and water creeping up through the floorboards.  In the strange kitchen of that house, the dishwasher was inset into the floor, and most likely has shorted out.  Let’s not even think about the air conditioning, which was handled by two compressors in the side yard, one for each floor.  Those must be at least half underwater now, and the air ducts in the crawl space under the first floor must also be full of water.

We just finished dealing with our garage and we’re resting before having a late lunch.  All of Mom’s old bedroom furniture is now inside the house, making room for the car and the truck to be safe in the garage.  We are very tired.  If it’s mentally possible, maybe we’ll try to take a nap before the storm hits.

They say Ike will arrive around midnight.  Around that time, we’ll be heading into the closet — that’s not a gay metaphor, I mean we’ll physically go into our big walk-in closet — to get away from the windows and the wind.  There’s an inflatable aero-bed around here somewhere, and we can cuddle with the dogs and let the cat jump up on the shelf or wherever she wants to go.  One or both of the dogs is going to be getting some Benadryl-spiked peanut butter to help with the stress.  As for Freddie and me, we’ll stay awake and watch the battery-powered TV — still working, even though it’s analog — or else listen to the radio.


2 Responses to “Galveston Flooding”

  1. flipflop4 Says:

    We’re in Pasadena…not evidence of the storm as of 3:45 pm today…but, guess what? Our power is already out!!! We just finished boarding up and cleaning up. And just before we were about to take a nap before the long night, out went the power! Good luck with the dogs.

  2. Zorya Says:

    I am glad that we don’t have to worry about hurricanes up here. I think trying to hunker down with 9 cats and two dogs would be a bit difficult. 🙂

    Stay safe!

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