CenterPoint and Comcast Come Through

September 16, 2008

The power came back on at 6:45 this evening while we were eating dinner.  After we stopped to cheer and then finished eating, I went and plugged in the power strips for the Comcast box and the other electronics.  It’s all back.  CenterPoint, which owns and maintains the power distribution system here, has faced a tremendous challenge, with 95% of their customers off-line.  And Comcast was ready when the power came back up.

The power went off again for ten minutes about an hour later.  I had gone outside to cover the gas grill — yes, among other new experiences, I baked biscuits on the grill this morning — and then the power came back on the moment I stepped back inside.  Hope it stays…

I’m not going to write much at the moment, just a few scattered impressions.  We are well, and our area, which was built to the recently tightened building code, suffered little damage

HEB-Plus here in Pearland has been a major commercial focus.  They had generators to allow them to clean out and open on Saturday, the day after the storm.  Their shopping center is also located close to high-power lines, so they regained power quickly.  Monday we were there and saw a block-long line of people waiting to go in.  They had ice, and everyone wanted it.  We didn’t stay, since Freddie can’t stand for a long time.

We ended up at SuperTarget across the freeway.  Their “bullseye” logo sign was broken, but the store was in business.  The large grocery department had no cold or frozen items, was sold out of bread, and was quickly selling out of everything else.  We bought a couple essentials — yes, olive oil is an essential — and headed home.  On the way home we stopped at a mini-mart gas station.  No gas.  No power.  But surprise!  They had cold drinks and ice.  Good: Freddie’s insulin could be made cold again.

Today I read through most of four days worth of the Houston Chronicle.  Three days came on Monday, then today’s came today.  The photos, much larger than we could see on our little battery-powered TV, and the detailed human interest stories were gripping.

Later we drove over to Randalls (think high-class Safeway) and found a short line outside.  Once inside the door, the first thing we saw was rotisserie-cooked chickens in front of the deli.  We looked at each other and grabbed one.  A wonderful lady in the deli also served up potato salad and some sort of delicious slaw with broccoli while we exchanged stories of the storm and aftermath.  The paper had said that butter would keep several days without refrigeration, so we picked some up.

On the way home we passed Southdown, an older develoment very close to us here in Shadow Creek Ranch.  Roofs there are broken and patched with tarps.  A little bit of debris still blows onto the parkway next to it.  We were very lucky.


2 Responses to “CenterPoint and Comcast Come Through”

  1. Keith Says:

    How is Freddie? I imagine this must be especially hard for someone who doesn’t have his health — and those who love and care for them.

  2. robertangelo Says:

    Keith, thanks very much for asking. Freddie has been a trouper, and has held up well. Having the cold front come through made a huge difference, since we might have had to relocate if we went too long without air conditioning. Getting ice Monday also meant that we could keep his insulin from going bad. We’ve been very lucky.

    You know, the most immediate reason why we left Galveston was Freddie’s health and the need to be closer to his doctors. Related to that was that he wasn’t physically capable anymore of really completing the home renovations we were doing. We both had a sort of “love/hate” relationship with the Island. Parts of it were beautiful, many of the people were wonderful, the history in particular was spellbinding… Yet there was also extreme poverty, dirt, trash, and social dysfunction.

    I always thought of Galveston as a sort of New Orleans in miniature, Mardi Gras and all. Even some of the architecture was the same, with the old buildings on the Strand reminiscent of the Quarter and my neighborhood near downtown sort of like the Garden District.

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