POD People in Pearland!

September 17, 2008

I’ve been simply dying to write that headline.

Seriously, I heard on KILT radio this afternoon that two PODs (Points of Distribution) were open today in Pearland.  These are the places where FEMA-provided water, ice, and MREs are given out.  The DJ said they had received a lot of calls from Pearland residents asking about PODs, since none had been announced in the northern part of Brazoria County.  The story is that these two are active, but were omitted from the official published list.  Hopefully that will be updated, and updated again if and when the PODs move.

For those who are reading this in Pearland or know someone here in need of FEMA supplies, the locations were Berry Miller Junior High on Manvel Road and North Main Street across from the Wal-Mart.  These are subject to change, so if you do not see Pearland on tomorrow’s POD lists or hear about them in the media, call in and ask them: 713-390-KILT.  By the way, their web site has photos of damage to KILT’s building.  You might also try Channel 2 KPRC’s “Neighbor 2 Neighbor” Program: 713-271-1905 (6 a.m.- 6 p.m. through Friday).

Update Thursday evening Sept 18: The mayor’s “robo-call” called again.  The new information for Pearlanders is that relief supplies — they didn’t use the P-word, POD — are available at Berry Miller Junior High on Manvel Road 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Lawhon Elementary on Brookside Road 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Also, the curfew hours are changed to 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Some other local notes and observations:

  • Seventy percent of Pearland does not have power.  We received a “robo-call” recorded by the Mayor explaining this, along with the news that the water is safe to drink (but please conserve), garbage is being picked up, and the schools are remaining closed.  So are the Alvin ISD schools in our end of town, although he didn’t mention those.
  • Many traffic lights are out or damaged.  Many drivers do not understand that they must treat these intersections as four-way stops.  Many drivers do not understand how to handle a four-way stop when the street is four to six lanes wide with left turn lanes.  I saw someone today “coast” through the intersection of Beltway 8 and Fellowes without stopping.  The other day I saw someone barrel down Shadow Creek Parkway over 60 mph without stopping at Kingsley.  Be careful.  Be very careful.
  • The subdivision at Beltway 8 and Cullen has a lot of fence damage, and many roofs have shingles missing or tarps covering damage.  These look to be similar in age to the ones at Southdown that I wrote about before, and fared about the same.
  • The odd junky-looking thrift store in that metal building on Cullen that always has so much, well, stuff, outside sustained major damage.  However, the horses are grazing peacefully in the yard and there are cattle grazing a little ways down the road.  That was nice to see.
  • The Dawson High School construction site looks normal.  By that I mean that it’s a mess, but if there was debris or damage either it’s been mostly cleared up or you can’t tell because it’s an unfinished building.  There was some damage to the chain-link fencing surrounding the site.
  • I saw a CenterPoint lineman working a bucket truck at Cullen and Hughes Ranch Road.  Clearly the power was still out around there, and going further down Cullen I could see that the things I called “telephone poles” when I was growing up were tilted and a bit askew.
  • The Silverlake Post Office — why is it called that when it’s north and east of Silverlake? — appears to be operative but I could not tell if the lobby was open.  I dropped off my packages in the collection boxes and drove on.
  • The Kroger at Cullen and 518 was open, but the gas pumps in their parking lot had no cars.  Likewise, the Exxon across the street was dark and inactive.  The Walgreen’s on the third corner was open and busy.  We may have to go there later this week to get some prescriptions for Freddie, since the Shadow Creek Ranch Walgreen’s still seems to be closed.
  • Most of the traffic lights on 518 are out.  The businesses on both sides appear to be mostly dark until you reach County Road 94 in Silverlake.  From there to Silverlake Village Drive, most of the north side businesses still appear closed with the exception of Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Raceway.  The “Crossing” shopping center (Best Buy, Penney’s, etc) is open.  Silverlake Village (Target, Randalls, etc) is open, but (damn) I forgot to check on the BofA.
  • I thought that the normally hideous traffic on 518 in Silverlake could not be worse.  Turn off one traffic light and make the rest blinking red.  Voila, it’s worse.
  • Most of the things on 518 west of 288, including many of the businesses in Shadow Creek Town Center and Pearland Town Center, appear to be open.  Many of the restaurants are open.
  • The brand-new Denny’s in Shadow Creek Town Center is open 24 hours, and will be open tonight.  Apparently the curfew is relaxed in this area.  Yes, we ate dinner there, and it was comfort-food of the highest caliber.  This is also the prettiest Denny’s I’ve ever seen.  If you go there, ask if Charday (sounds like the singer Sade) can be your waitress.  She seems to be just starting out in this type of work — she said they taught her how to carry the tray — and she’s doing a great job.

There’s many chores to do this evening.  All for now.


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