Random Notes

September 20, 2008
  • Comcast came back overnight.  The Internet and phone work again.
  • A very nice man who speaks as much English as I do Spanish — slightly more than I realized, that is — is coming today to fix the fences.
  • I am very tired and stressed.
  • No bread on shelves.  The bank is closed.  They worry about financial crisis.  We have a preview.
  • But at least our house is intact and we have power.  We are very lucky.
  • I have fallen three days behind on reading the newspaper.

2 Responses to “Random Notes”

  1. Zorya Says:

    Is the postal service or UPS running down there? I could send y’all a “care package” of non-perishables to keep on the shelf while things are getting back together.

  2. robertangelo Says:

    The stores are getting resupplied pretty quickly, so we don’t have a problem with that. Not surprisingly, big supermarket chains are much more efficient than the combination of FEMA and various state and local bureaucracies. Thanks for the offer, though.

    The post office has no power, but mail is being picked up and delivered: “Neither snow nor rain,” you know…

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