Church Street

September 23, 2008

The Chronicle has an article this morning about the churches of Galveston.  The main illustration is this photo of the First Presbyterian Church, which is a stone’s throw from where we used to live.

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church

Church Street does, in fact, have a number of churches either right on it or just a block or two away. The most notable is the 1848 St. Mary Cathedral Basilica, founded by priests from New Orleans. It actually resembles the Cinderella-castle architecture of St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.  I used to walk our dogs past it every day, making our way to the park at the courthouse square.

I miss the church bells. I miss the birds in the morning and evening. I even miss the strange and colorful Island characters who wandered the streets. I know, I know it’s best that we moved here, the clean, safe subdivision close to the doctors and hospitals and all the things we need. Yes, the “things.” But still I miss what we left behind, almost surprisingly so.

We were able to reconnect with our friends who lived across the street from us back there. A couple are now in Sugar Land, another is with friends in Houston. We’re lending our pickup truck tomorrow, when Island residents can go back again, so that they can take it home to retrieve some furniture and such to bring back to their temporary quarters. I wish we could do more.


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