Two Weeks Later Plus Two

September 28, 2008

The Chronicle today notes that over 400 people are missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.  The TV news break just said that the official death toll here in Texas is 29.  It will certainly rise.

Here in Southeast Texas sixteen days after the storm we still have a couple hundred thousand people without power.  We have a couple hundred thousand without running water.  Thousands, of course, have uninhabitable homes.

When I look at the national news feeds, mainstream, blogosphere, alternative or print, I feel as if we are invisible.  Three years ago, they said that Hurricane Rita was the “forgotten storm,” since Katrina’s overwhelming impact consumed so much attention.  Today, with the financial crisis, the election, and the ever-faster spinning news cycle, we are a short-term wonder.

I hope people saw us quickly.  It seems like now we’ve disappeared.


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