My Letter to Ellen: Pets Not Allowed In Shelter

October 3, 2008

I saw an article in the Galveston paper’s web site today that disturbed me.  The people who took their pets with them when they evacuated prior to Ike, the ones who are now returning to find they have no home to live in, are not being allowed to keep them in the Island’s shelter.  I immediately made a contribution to the Island’s animal shelter after I read this.

When I told Freddie about it, he said it needed more publicity: “How do we contact Ellen?”  I went to her web site and sent her this:

Dear Ellen,

My partner and I have been fans of yours since the beginning.  We especially have great respect for you as an animal lover.

He and I used to live on Galveston Island.  We moved to suburban Houston last year, but we still have many friends on the Island and feel like it is a second home.  What has happened recently with Hurricane Ike, throughout Southeast Texas but especially on the coast, has been heart-wrenching.

The specific reason why I’m writing is to call your attention to an article in today’s Galveston County Daily News.  You can read it here:

There is a situation that has developed where families who had evacuated Galveston with their pets are now returning to find that they not only have no home, but also that the main shelter on the Island does not allow them to bring their pets in with them.  The Humane Society in Galveston is trying to accommodate these pets, but the prospects are uncertain given the state of their facility after the storm and the extent of the needs.

We really don’t understand the shelter’s policy, since these people did the right thing in taking their pets with them when they evacuated, and the pets were accommodated in shelters in San Antonio, Austin, or wherever they had to stay for the last few weeks.  Now that these people are trying to rebuild their lives, they need to have assurances that they will not have to lose their pets.

Could you or your assistants please look into this situation and get the word out that something needs to be done?  We know that you as a philanthropist have been so generous to people and animals after other natural disasters, and we hesitate to ask you to give again.  What would help though, is simply publicity, to encourage others to make small contributions to the Island’s Humane Society to help those affected by Ike to keep their pets.

Thank you so much for your time and attention, and all the best to you and Portia,

Bob and Freddie


3 Responses to “My Letter to Ellen: Pets Not Allowed In Shelter”

  1. cosmo16feel Says:

    which is this breed? such a beautyfull! So nice shiny coat!

  2. Zorya Says:

    Do you have a url or a mailing addy for the Galveston animal shelter? We give to several animal related charities, including the Humane Society of Dayton (one of our local groups). I could certainly send a donation to help the displaced pets.

  3. robertangelo Says:

    It was in the Daily News article, down at the end:

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