Kate Clinton: Big Gay Slowdown

October 31, 2008

California votes on anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8 on Tuesday.  I love Kate Clinton’s take on what to do if it passes, especially this part:

If we do not defeat Prop Hate, I say November 5th we call for a general gay work slowdown. Decorators will do deliberately bad, possibly dangerous feng shui. Hairdressers will mistakenly lay hot curling irons down on ears. Social workers will give bad advice, “Your father sounds like a great guy. Show him some love.” Salespeople will ooze, “Oh, that looks great on you.” Waiters will serve cold food and suggest the wrong wine. Flight attendants will put ‘out of service’ signs on bathrooms midway through long-distance flights. Some nameless malaise will dim Broadway.

Since my main client is a gay-owned business. I can’t screw with my work.  Instead, I’ll just stop being witty, charming, and polite.


2 Responses to “Kate Clinton: Big Gay Slowdown”

  1. Kate has the right idea, but the wrong weapon. Our weapon is our tax dollars. Of course vote NO on PROP 8, PLEASE, but it is a sickening, disgusting vote in the first place.

    Imagine a heterosexual man sitting back peacefully as society voted on whether he, his wife, and his children deserved the rights and protections of civil marriage. What would HE think of PROP 8 in CA? Would he even THINK of opening up his wallet to fund a PR drive to gain a chance to “win” this civil right? Or would it be “Live Free or Die”?

    Yet we (the gay community), and our allies have agreed – AGREED – to hash out this “debate” with a public PROP 8
    lottery (it’s not a debate…I KNOW I DESERVE MARRIAGE).

    Here’s my “NON-Debate for PROP 8” – It really doesn’t matter what others may “think” or “not think” at this point.

    I will not pay an organization for Human Rights, Family Rights, Civil Rights, or Constitutional Rights. I will simply refuse to file my IRS tax returns until my FAMILY is equal under the law.


  2. Robert Angelo Says:

    John, I don’t think I know you and I don’t know if you read the “about” page here. I glanced at your blog and I understand you’ve been through an awful lot and you have a lot of hurt and anger.

    Kate is a comedian, and she is making a point through comedy. I’ve been a fan of hers for over two decades, and I have a bit of that twisted funny bone, too. I don’t live in California and I can’t vote on this. I hope Prop. 8 fails. I did actually vote against a similar state constitutional amendment here in Texas a few years ago.

    Having said all that, if you looked through my site at all you’d see that this is my personal journal. It’s not really a place to rage or to rally people, and there’s other more appropriate places for that. Best wishes to you.

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