The Governor Is Underwhelmed

November 20, 2008

It’s not just me.  The Chronicle reports Governor Goodhair said in Houston today that the Feds’ response to Ike has been “underwhelming” and “irritating.”

I just saw video of him on KHOU (not posted online yet).  A particularly sore subject for Gov. Perry is that Texas is not getting the same level of support that other coastal communities received after Katrina and all the other storms.  From the Chronicle:

Perry said he was upset after learning that Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff and his staff suggested to local officials that Texas should dig into its own budget surplus to cover the coastal counties.

“This is really irritating. This is unacceptable, to punish a state for being fiscally disciplined,” Perry said.

I’d say that the Federal response to Rita in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas was rather “underwhleming,” too.  Be that as it may, it’s a typical Federal response.  Bail out the profligate, whether states, banks, insurance companies, or others, and penalize those who act responsibly, and ignore what you simply cannot handle.

I do agree, though, that it’s time to spend that “rainy day fund” surplus.  If Ike wasn’t a “rainy day,” I don’t know what is.  But if the Federal response to Katrina was a scandal, their response to Ike, leaving people still sleeping in tents two months after the storm, is beyond labeling.

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