45-Year Anniversary

November 22, 2008

Rudy Castro, former banquet captain at the Rice Hotel, remembers serving President Kennedy his last supper the night before Kennedy’s fateful visit to Dallas.  The Chronicle reports:

“I haven’t really told anyone about the banquet, because no one really asked,” he said sitting in the lobby of the refurbished Rice Hotel 45 years to the day after he served the president at a banquet in what was the nearby Sam Houston Coliseum. “It’s very painful for me, but I wanted to tell someone. I’m getting up there in age, so it’s time.”

Fascinating.  Moving.  Photos included.

I was two and one-half years old then, too young for memories.  What are your memories of President Kennedy?

One Response to “45-Year Anniversary”

  1. Zorya Says:

    I was 9 years old at the time. They made an announcement over the intercom at school. As I recall, Mom was listening to the radio while she was cleaning the oven as part of the move from company grade to field grade officer housing.

    I was still too young to really process what had happened and what it meant. I remember that the funeral was on all three television channels we got up at Minot (or was it only two? 45 years is a long time). Apparently the riderless horse with the boots backwards in the stirrups impressed me. That’s the most vivid memory I have, watching that horse on the television as it followed the caisson with the casket.

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