Don’t Tell Me Who To Love

December 10, 2008

The latest from Ray Boltz, a hit-making and award-winning Gospel artist who came out in 2004.

The video is presented by Soulforce, an organization which challenges and confronts anti-GLBT religious bigotry.

I hope that he is better received than Marsha Stevens, famous for the seminal 1970’s contemporary/folk hymn “Come To The Water (For Those Tears I Died).”  Stevens was renounced and condemned by most Evangelicals after she came out as a lesbian, but she and her partner continue to work and minister with the Metropolitan Community Church and with concerts and appearances at other open and affirming congregations.

I remember Stevens’ song  as one of my favorites that I learned to play on the guitar and sing when I was a teenager, though it wasn’t one we used in our Catholic parish when I was in the choir.  It didn’t make it into our Dignity/Washington repertoire, either, although we did happily adopt “Lover Of Us All” by Dan Schutte of the St. Louis Jesuits.  I don’t know if Schutte ever officially came out, but I remember him introducing the song at the Dignity National Convention.


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