Finally, Mobile Homes

December 12, 2008

FEMA will be installing some 1,000 mobile homes in  Galveston County by January, the Daily News reports today.  This will be coming more than three months after Hurricane Ike struck.  Since no trailers were provided this go-round because of health and safety concerns, and since many rental properties were also rendered uninhabitable by the storm, a good number of coastal residents have been waiting through this time crammed in with family and friends, commuting from rentals miles away, or even sleeping in tents.

With the freezing temperatures and snowfall this week, I’m sure the tent-dwellers are happy to know that homes are on the way.

It’s easy — too easy — to blame this delay on FEMA.  In truth, there’s plenty of blame to go around, and state, county, and city authorities all should step up and take their share.

But let’s forget about blame now.  Blame is a losing game.  What is really needed is improvement, better planning and a faster response, for the next storm, and the one after that.

And in this holiday season, let’s just be grateful that finally, these people will be getting homes.


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