Meanwhile, Back At The Dinner Table

February 12, 2009

The Cronicle today reported that consumers are adjusting to the recession in surprising ways.  Sales of hamburger are up at the grocery stores, but so are sales of prime beef.  It appears that those who bought steak before at HEB and Kroger are now buying hamburger, while those who ate at steakhouses are buying their fabulous steaks at the supermarket to cook at home.  Restaurant receipts are down sharply.

On my daily travels I even heard a radio advertisement for Central Market, HEB’s gourmet boutique.  For non-Texans, it’s a high-concept high-end high-priced gourmet store.  You need to choose from among 63 different kinds of pepper?  Central Market can probably accomodate you.  Their private-label and much of their assortment is also sold at my neighborhood HEB-Plus, of course, but the market demographic couldn’t be more different.

As for my, I defected to Wal-Mart on my way home from the Post Office.  Hamburger, at $2.57/pound, was about 40 cents less expensive there.  It’s tuna casserole tonight — really! — with the 92-cent pasta.

Forget about those free-range chicken eggs I wrote about a few months back.  Forget about the special Amish noodles.  These days I just want to have a filling meal at a price that doesn’t empty my wallet.

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