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A Friend Indeed Is Now In Need

August 18, 2012

Update January 4, 2013: Keith’s battle ended on September 18 when he passed away.  I have deleted the links for donations for his health expenses.  I am grateful to all who read this post and who contributed in any way, with prayer, good thoughts, or donations.

Keith’s memory lives on.  His closest friends will be releasing his ashes at Mardi Gras 2013 in New Orleans, his beloved longtime home.

I seldom write here these days, having been called away by more pressing concerns.  One of those pressing concerns now brings me back to this space.

For the last twelve years I’ve worked with my friend Keith Griffth on his web sites.  Since the 1990s in his sites, and in other ways for years before that, he has been a shining example to the gay community.  His work has provided a waypost  for those on journeys of adventure or self-discovery as well closeted or non-gay-identified men who seek a path in a difficult world.  As one who worked for HIV/AIDS causes and for sex-positive issues, Keith has done much to raise awareness, fight negative self-images, and yes, even save lives.  He has always been a fighter.

Now fighting lymphoma again, Keith is in his final battle.  And now he needs your help.  Not having health insurance, his expenses for hospice and health care are mounting.  Your contribution, even a small amount of five, ten, or twenty dollars, can make a tremendous difference.  It all adds up to a community of care.