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A Low Situation and High Praise

April 12, 2013

When I got home with Nevin and Mariska from our walk a little after nine this morning I went to check on Freddie. He couldn’t wake up and was unresponsive, moaning a little. Our usual routine is that I get up at six, have coffee, browse a little on the Internet, walk the dogs, wake him up,  then get to work.  Today was different.

So I checked his blood sugar – quite low – and tried to get him to drink some orange juice. Unable to rouse him I called 911. The dispatcher had me put a glucose tablet in Freddie’s mouth while she sent an ambulance. The Pearland EMTs came quickly and by then his blood sugar had dropped more, into quite dangerous territory.

They were wonderfully helpful, courteous and friendly as always, and absolutely professional in caring for him. Freddie is stable now and resting at home.  There was an appointment with his ear doctor this afternoon that I had to cancel, but otherwise this is par for the course.  Every day is a surprise, and I must be ready for anything.

I thanked the EMTs very profusely, and they thanked me for being so well prepared.  I keep a spreadsheet with a list of Freddie’s medications, his health conditions, his past surgeries, and his doctors’ information at the ready and take it with us when we go to appointments.  A copy of Freddie’s Health Care Power of Attorney is kept in that folder, too.

I’m so grateful for the service the EMTs and all our medical professionals provide, and grateful that it’s possible for me to work from home and be present for Freddie when he needs me.  We’re lucky to live where we do, and that Freddie has access to this level of care.

Now, on to try to squeeze a little work into what’s left of the day.